In late 2005 Josh kept a promise to a childhood friend – to set out on a Round-The-World trip together and meet a girl in the American south that his friend Paul had written to for 5 years and fallen in love with. While the trip turned into a hilarious debacle, before they flew out on their epic adventure Paul gave Josh a book that would change his life.


To this day Josh still carries the same copy of Richard Horne’s 101 Things To Do Before You Die – a journal of where he’s been and what he’s done; a reminder of all that he’s achieved so far; and a driving force to continue experiencing life to the fullest. Put simply, it keeps him awesome when mediocrity threatens and encourages him to sound like a tool by writing in third person.

Completed – 72 of 101 (last revision July 26th, 2017)

1 – Write a Best-seller
2 – Swim with…
3 – Win an Award, Trophy or Prize
4 – Catch a fish with your bare hands
6 – Throw a house party
7 – Be Part of a Threesome
8 – Realise Your Childhood Dream
9 – Learn that instrument
10 – Leave your mark in graffiti
11 – Storm Chase a Tornado
15 – Stage dive or Crowd Surf
16 – Get into the Guinness Book of Records
17 – Own a pointless collection
18 – Study the Karma Sutra and put theory into practice
20 – Get Backstage and Get Off with a Rock God
21 – Be a human guinea pig
22 – Go Up in a Hot Air Balloon
26 – Bungee Jump
28 – Sky dive
29 – Meet Your Idol
30 – Stay in the Best Suite in a Five Star Hotel
34 – Design your own cocktail
35 – Play a Part in Your Favourite TV Show
37 – Make fire without matches
38 – See these animals in the wild
39 – Go to the dogs
40 – Get a Free Upgrade on a Plane
41 – Be friends with your ex
42 – Hit your targets
43 – Throw a dart into a map and travel to where it lands
44 – Attend a Film Premiere
45 – Do a Runner From a Fancy Restaurant
46 – Scuba dive
47 – Milk a Cow
49 – See both solar and lunar eclipses
50 – Write your name over a star on the walk of fame
51 – Learn another language
53 – Complete a coast to coast road trip across America
54 – Make at Least One Huge Purchase You Can’t Afford
55 – Score the Winning Goal/Try/Basket
56 – Gatecrash a Fancy Party
57 – See the All-time Greatest Films
58 – Live in the Place You Love
59 – Leave a Job You Hate
61 – Get Away with the Perfect Practical Joke or Hoax
64 – Drive a Car at Top Speed
65 – Shout “Drinks are on me” in a pub or a bar
66 – Be part of a flash mob
68 – Save Someone’s Life
69 – In various languages learn to…
70 – Invent a Word That Makes It into the Dictionary
71 – Have adventurous sex
74 – Learn to fly a plane
75 – Get a Tattoo and/or a Piercing
76 – Invent Something
77 – Learn Astronomy and read the night sky
78 – Drink a vintage wine
79 – Answer a Personal Ad
80 – Spend Christmas on the beach
81 – Get barred from a pub or bar
83 – Skinny dip at midnight
84 – Sell all your junk on eBay and make a profit
86 – Run a Marathon
87 – Conquer your fear
89 – Throw Away the Instant Noodles
91 – Publish a cult website
92 – Own an Original Work of Art
93 – Complete the Monopoly board pub crawl
95 – Get revenge
96 – Be an Extra in a Film
97 – Live Out of a Van
98 – Go on a demonstration

To be Completed (29 of 101)
5 – Make a Discovery
12 – Get a Piece of Art into an Exhibition (I love “Interpretive Art” aka “A 5 year old finger-painted it”)
13 – Meet Someone with Your Own Name (A NASCAR driver or a Welsh actor…)
14 – Ride the World’s Biggest Rollercoasters (2 out of 6 done)
19 – Master Poker and Win Big at the Casino (*shudder* Vegas it is, I guess)
23 – Get Arrested (Yeah, but that means being CAUGHT… )
24 – See a Rocket Launch (Still waiting…)
25 – Capture the Moment in an Award-winning Photograph (Bet my first selfie on Mars will beat Ellen’s at the Oscars)
27 – See an Erupting Volcano
31 – Experience Weightlessness (HELLOOOOO MARS ONE TRAINING!)
32 – See the Aurora Borealis (This is a must do)
33 – Get to Score a Hole in One (Apparently doing it in WiiSports doesn’t count…)
36 – Visit Every Country/Continent (South America to go…)
48 – Be Present When Your Country Wins the World Cup (Olympics count now apparently)
52 – Read the Greatest Books Ever Written (This is being attacked as we speak, but it’s a hefty list)
60 – Take Part in a Police Line-Up (Do they even do this any more?)
62 – Join the Mile-High Club (Is this part of that “Free Upgrade” I’m supposed to organise too?)
63 – Make the Front Page of a National Newspaper (Knowing my luck, even being the first man on Mars wouldn’t get on the front page of the West Australian if the Eagles/Dockers won that weekend)
67 – Visit….
72 – Have Enough Money to Do All the Things on This List (Or do all the things on the cheap whenever the opportunities come up)
73 – Stand on the International Date Line
82 – Build Your Own House (If I do the EVA to connect the habitats in the Mars colony, does it still count?)
85 – Visit the World’s Tallest Buildings
88 – Get Married Unusually (I used to want a Green Card marriage until I realised Drumpf might be the next US president)
90 – Join the 16-mile-high club (Pretty sure I can tick this off if I intend to help colonise Mars…)
94 – Get Something Named After You (You’d think being the best physics social club president they’d ever had, my old club would name something after me. BUT NOOOO!)
99 – Confess (Do you think I can just print out this website and drop it in a confession box?)
100 – Reach 100 Years of Age (Yeaaaaah… unlikely at this rate)
101 – Continue Your Gene Pool (Does ANYONE think this is a good idea?)