Since 2013, Josh has featured in over 200 media interviews globally – appearing in The Guardian, Al Jazeera, RT, Sky News, History Channel, The ProjectHuffington PostInternational Business Times and ABC Conversations to name a few.

He’s also played a central role in large public events for 20th Century Fox, WOMADelaide and the Sydney Opera House.


May 17 – The Examiner “Sight set to the stars for Destination Mars event”
May 17 – Tasmania Talks “Why Would I Want To Come Back?”

May 16 – ABC North Tasmania “Destination: Mars with Josh Richards”
May 11 – History Channel “Ancient Aliens: The Alien Protocols”
April 30 – Particle “Josh Richards Could Be A Martian Thanks To Mars One”
March 27 – TMRO:Space “Will SpaceX build the BFR in LA?”

March 25 – TMRO:Space “Exploring the solar system with Dr Chris McKay”

March 19 – Create Digital “This astronaut candidate is no ordinary human”
March 3 – The Observer “Will this down to Earth Aussie make it to Mars”
February 7 – The Laborastory “Josh Richards On Alexey Leonov”

February 6 – Talking Lifestyle “Elon Musk sending a car to Mars”

February 6 – How’s Life Podcast “Ep #9: Mars”
January 29 – The Examiner “Launceston Planetarium anniversary connects Tasmania to the stars”
January 28 – Sensible People Podcast “12 – To Infinity and Beyond”

January 25 – The Message Pod “#26 Josh Richards”


December 26 – Space Nation Orbit “Three Inspirational Humans Who Dream of the Stars”
December 21 – Space Nation Orbit “Christmas On Mars?”
October 31 – Science Over Everything “Getting to Mars: Updated interview with Josh Richards”
October 27 – Stories Out Loud “Becoming Martian”

September 20 – Mix 94.5 with Lisa & Pete on The Catchup “Josh Richards and the End of the World”

September 18 – Talking Lifestyle with Sam & Mieke for The Daily Drive “One way trip to Mars!”

August 31 – Techly “What’s driving this young Aussie to leave Earth forever and live on Mars?”
August 31 – Techly “What will life on Mars be like?”
August 22 – Sky News with Alan Jones “Richards a step closer to life on Mars”
August 18 – Talking Lifestyle with David Prior “Josh Richards – Live In Studio”

August 17 – Channel 9 The Morning Show “The Aussie with a one way ticket to Mars”
August 17 – 96.5 Wave FM with Mel and Trav for Breakfast “Meet our soon-to-be Martian!”

August 16 – 7HOFM Hobart with Mick and Maria for Breakfast “Scientist, Josh Richards is heading to Mars!”

August 15 – Triple M Goldburn Valley with Locco for Breakfast “Martian Astronaut for National Science Week”

August 14 – 2GB “The Alan Jones Breakfast Show” (Interview at 1hr 12mins 15sec)

August 14 – 6PR Mornings With Gareth Parker “Dreaming of Mars”

August 13 – News Talk 4BC 1116 with Ross Greenwood “Becoming Martian”

August 11 – RTRFM Breakfast With Caitlin “Josh Richards is Our Favourite Martian”

August 10 – ABC Radio Canberra “Mornings with Genevieve Jacobs” (Interview at 1hr 42mins)
August 7 – Concrete Playground “What Does It Realistically Take To Live On Mars?”
August 6 – ABC Weekends with Andrea Gibbs “Mars One Cosmic Nomad Josh Richards”
August 3 – Tasmania Talks with Brian Carlton “Potential astronaut prepares for life on Mars”

August 3 – Today Show “Becoming Martian Feature”

July 12 – Sydney Opera House “The new space race: How Josh Richards is escaping extinction with life on Mars”
June 29 – Sydney Opera House “Life On Mars: The 2020 Rover Mission”

June 23 – ABC Radio National “Fly me to Mars!”
June 18 – Skynews “What does a one-way ticket to Mars mean?”
May 12 – The Link with Stan Grant “Aliens: what we’ve already told them about us”

May 12 – ABC News “If aliens were watching us, this is what they would see”
May 11 – 3WBC“Big Life Conversations With Jacinta Stiles McNena”
April 29 – 9Now Weekend Today Show “Ginger Pride Rally”
April 25 – Joondalup Times “Josh Richards aiming for human settlement on Mars”
April 24 – Al Jazeera “New research to aid walking on Mars”

April 5 – Community News “Southern River College welcomes wannabe Martian”
April 4 – Perth Now & SundayTimes“Perth comedian Josh Richards chasing a one-way ticket to Mars”
April 3 – ABC Radio Perth “Perth scientist and comedian on a mission to Mars”

March 17 – The Daily Edition “Life On Mars with Josh Richards”
March 15 – Australia’s Science Channel “Brew Ha Ha”
March 11 – Australia’s Science Channel “WOMAD Live Stream”
March 11 – WOMADelaide Planet Talks “Human Life On Mars”
March 10 – Australia’s Science Channel “Make Me A Martian”
March 9 – Bob Hawke Centre – “Carmel Johnston and Josh Richards In Conversation with Angela Catterns”

February 21 – Australian Academy of Science “Christmas wish granted for ‘space nut’ and his 9yo son”
January 19 – UniSA Alumni Update “From life on Mars to an undercover insight into North Korea”


November 28 – Mars Ascend “Inside the Heart and Mind of an Explorer – Part 2”
November 21 – Mars Ascend “Inside the Heart and Mind of an Explorer – Part 1”
November 4 – ABC Nightlife “Nightlife on a mission to Mars with Will Reid and Josh Richards”
October 8 – BU News Service “Martians at the Museum”
October 2 – TMRO “The SpaceX Interplanetary Transport System – 9.31”

August 29 – AFTRSFM “One-Way Ticket To Mars”

August 16 – “Live Webcast Helps Kids Spot Planetary ‘High 5’ Tonight”
August 15 – Channel 10 (Israel) “Breakfast Interview”

August 10 – Humans Of Twitter “#148 – @Mighty_Ginge”
June 30 – Channel 7 The Morning Show “Laughs on Mars! Meet the Aussie comedian who could be headed to the red planet”
June 28 – Halogen Foundation “Astronaut Candidate Josh Richards: To Infinity And Beyond”
June 28 – Science Over Everything “Life On Mars: Interview With Josh Richards, Mars One Candidate”
June 22 – ABC Short and Curly “Should you move to Mars”
June 17 – IOL News “Mars One rivals break the mould”
May 22 – TMRO “Planetary Defense” [Viewer comments from interview]
May 15 – TMRO “One Way Trip To Mars #MarsNone 9.17”

May 10 – The Vocal “The Saturn Return – How A Planet Might Be Responsible For Your Quarter Life Crisis”
May 4 – RT “Mars One being one-way ‘is the biggest appeal’: RT talks to prospective candidates”

April 30 – SCOPE “Josh Richards @ World Science Festival Brisbane

April 15 – Echo News “Wannabe Martian Talks To Students”
April 8 – Lesmurdie Senior High School “Mars One”
March 30 – RTRFM Breakfast With Caitlin “Josh Richards – Cosmic Nomad”
March 23 – The Plus Ones “When Earth no longer cuts it: ‘Cosmic Nomad’ comedy gig with Josh Richards”
March 22 – The Examiner “Josh Richards will perform his infamous Cosmic Nomad skit at Saint Johns Craft Beer bar”
March 22 – Tasmania Talks with Brian Carlton “Aussie Mars One candidate Josh Richards joins Brian Carlton”

March 18 – Spice News “Event Emporium’s Martian stunt”
March 14 – The Courier “World Science Festival: Australian astronaut tips a bucket on Mars One project”
March 10 – Aussie Network News “All You Need To Know About the World Science Festival”
March 8 – Hot 91.1 The Hot breakfast “Josh Richards – One Way Ticket To Mars…”

March 2 – ABC Conversations With Richard Fidler “Josh Richards wants a one-way ticket to Mars”
February 25 – The Clothesline “Cosmic Nomad: Looking To Space For The Fun Of Laughing at The Science Exchange”
February 22 – Business Insider Australia Op-Ed “Why I’m excited about my strong shot at leaving Earth forever to live on Mars”
February 10 – Triple M Merrick and Australia “Josh Richards – might be going to Mars”
February 19 – Gizmodo Op-Ed “Australia’s Martian: This Physicist, Soldier and Comic May Leave Earth Forever”
February 19 – Kotaku “Australia’s Mars One Candidate Says Virtual Reality Shouldn’t Replace Human Exploration”
February 15 – Huffington Post Op-Ed “A Mars Mission One Day Helps Me Work, Rest And Play”
February 14 – FiveAA “Josh Richards on Talk Back with Kim Napier

February 12 – CNET “Girt by CNET podcast 60”
February 12 – Channel 7 “Sunrise Feature”

February 11 – 4BC News Talk “Josh Richards – One-Way Ticket To Mars”
February 10 – Channel Nine Coach “How to keep fit if you find yourself stranded on Mars”
February 10 – Hit 105 “Josh Richards on Breakfast with Stav, Abby & Osher”

February 9 – Gizmodo “Live Chat With An Australian Mars One Candidate Right Now!”
February 8 – Channel 7 “6pm News Feature”

February 8 – Hit107 “Australia’s Astronaut Candidate To Live Like ‘The Martian'”
February 8 – The Weather Network “Aussie Mars One candidate locks himself in a box for 5 days”
February 8 – Channel 9 Today “Live Like The Martian”
February 8 – Channel 9 “Today Show Segment”

February 8 – Channel 9 “Today Show Weather”

February 8 – “Aussie astronaut hopeful plans to be prove that humans will be living on Mars in 10 years’ time”
February 8 – Mashable “A Mars One candidate is spending 5 days in a box in Australia”
February 8 – Huffington Post “Aussie Astronaut Lives Like A Martian, Plans To Move To Mars”
February 7 – CNET “From a glass box to the Red Planet: The strange journey of a Martian-in-training”
February 7 – RiAUS “Josh Richards: Simulating Mars FAQs”
February 7 – RiAUS “Josh Richards Is Going To Mars (One Day….)”
February 6 – Tech Guide “Australian Astronaut To Live Like The Martian To Celebrate DVD And Blu-Ray Release”
February 4 – Iris Review “Sydney Gets It’s Own Martian”
January 21 – 3CR Lost In Science “Summer stories: Josh Richards on being super on Mars”
January 6 – Australian Geographic “What makes a Mars settler?”


December 8 – Daily Mail “The seven Australians planning to spend the rest of their lives on Mars”
November 17 – North Coast Times “Yanchep students learn about trip to Mars”
November 4 – City Journal “The Wannabe Martians”

October 23 – ABC Beyond The Lab Podcast “A New Life On Mars”
September 2 – Rotunda Media “A Future On Mars Part 2”
August 26 – Rotunda Media “A Future On Mars Part 1”
August 26 – RTRFM Breakfast With Caitlin “Breakfast Goes To Infinity And Beyond”
August 16 – ABC News “Festival of Bright Ideas: Science gathering opens young minds to Mars mission and eating insects”
August 15 – The Advertiser “One way to Mars, and Josh Richards can’t wait”
August 13 – Heart 107.3 “Josh Richards – One way ticket to Mars”
July 13 – ABC Broken Hill “Outback amateur astronomer Linda Nadge meets man who could be first person on Mars”
June 11 – Small Steps To Space “Martian Motivation: Mars One Candidates’ Grassroots Education Outreach Program”
June 1 – Perth Now “75 people who make WA great: Entrepreneurs, health and science
May 5 – ABC World Today “Mars One mission to establish human colony could set space exploration back decades”
May 1 – Eagle FM “Josh Richards is on a One-Way Mission to Mars”

April 27 – “Australian MarsOne candidate Josh Richards: ‘Why I want to go to Mars and never come back”
March 29 – Science Network Western Australia “Josh Richards’ lifelong quest to the Red Planet”
March 18 – International Business Times “Is Mars One A Scam? Martian 100 Finalists Share Their Experience”
February 18 – International Business Times “Two Australians Among ‘Mars One’ Top Ten Hopefuls For One-Way Trip To Red Planet”
February 18 – “Aussies odds on to call Mars home”
February 17 – “Mars One: Seven Australians among final 100 candidates for one-way tickets to the Red Planet”
February 17 – The Guardian “Mars One shortlist: the top 10 hopefuls”
February 17 – 9 News Perth “Mission to Mars | Today Perth News”

February 17 – RTRFM “Going To Mars”
February 17 – 2SER “Ground Control to Major Tom – The One Way Mission to Mars”
Februray 17 – Hit 92.9 “Josh Richards on Heidi, Will & Woody”

February 17 – Mix94.5 “Is Josh Richards Going To Mars?”
February 16 – Triple J “A guy from Perth could be going to Mars!”
February 16 – “Mars One: red planet a step closer for Perth man into top 100”
February 16 – “WA comedian Josh Richards makes shortlist for Dutch space project Mars One”
January 29 – Writer’s Bloc Op-Ed “Writing Space And Science”
January 7 – Daddy Nerd “Josh Richards Wants To Live On Mars”


December 20 – ABC 891 “Josh Richards on Drive”

December 18 – New Atlas “New space race aims at creating breathable air on Mars”
December 16 – ABC News “Mars One: WA team plans to generate ‘breathable air’ on the Red Planet, makes competition finals”
December 16 – Techie Tonics “Helena Device Can Create Oxygen On Red Planet: Global Contest For Mars One’s First Unmanned Lander”
December 15 – University of Western Australia “Engineering students aim to generate first breathable air on Mars”

November 22 – SBS News “Perth men one step closer to Mars human settlement”
November 19 – Newman College “Meet A Martian Incursion”
November 10 – Medium “All Dressed Up For Mars And Nowhere To Go”
October 9 – Startacus “Josh Richards – Crowdfunded Spaceman to Mars (Potentially)”
October 7 – Loose Five Podcast “Episode 97 – Josh Richards, Lauren Bok, Dave Warneke and Claire Sullivan”
October 2 – ABC Radio 1233 Newcastle “Josh plans to go to Mars and never come back”
October 2 – Sonshine FM 985 “Josh Richards On Drive with Tim Long”

September 23 – Benenden School“Science – Falconry Display and Trip to Mars”
September 4 – St Emilies School “Visit from Josh Richards – Mars One Candidate”
August 12 – Zen Pencils “READER OF THE MONTH: Josh’s space odyssey”
July 28 – Daily Mail “I want to have my 40th on Mars”
July 26 – Perth Now “WA mates Korum Ellis, Josh Richards want to live on Mars by 2024”
June 29 – Channel 10 “Studio 10 – One Way Mission To Mars”

June 25 – Hit 92.9 “Josh Richards with Heidi, Will & Woody”

June 23 – Sydney Morning Herald “Goodbye girlfriend, hello Mars: A Perth man’s commitment to space mission”
March 20 – UniSA News “Students sign up for one-way ticket to Mars”
March 5 – Triple J Hack “One Way Trip To Mars”

February 2 – 2UE “Josh Richards on Breakfast with Andrew Voss”

February 2 – 3AW “Josh Richards on Breakfast with Tim Elliot”

January 27 – Inspiring Australia “The Next Giant Leap”


September 25 – Nova 93.7 “I’m Going To Colonise Mars”
September 24 – The Project “Mars One Feature with Josh Richards”

September 10 – The Guardian “Mission to colonise Mars: ‘Columbus didn’t wait; nor should we'”
September 10 – 3AW “Josh Richards On Drive with Tom Elliott”

September 2 – 2SER “Space Oddity: Josh Richards Wants a One-Way Ticket to Mars”
August 11 – 4BC News Talk “One-way ticket to Mars”
August 9 – Media On Mars “Moving To Mars”
July 6 – Mix94.5 “Josh Richards On The Big Couch”

June 1 – Mary-Rose MacColl “Life On Mars”