Hey Patrons!

Well I’ve been promising book drafts for a long time, and you had a sample earlier in the month of the first 3000 words, but I wanted to FINALLY share with you a substantial chunk of the book after all your incredible support. 

The book is broken into 3 different sections: who humans will change by going to Mars in terms of Physiology, Psychology and Anthropology… but it’s easier to remember Body, Mind and Soul! I’m in the final phases of the psychology/Mind section of the now, and the Anthropology/Soul section will be relatively short in comparison to the rest of the book. 

But the most substantial section of the book is looking at how colonising Mars will change our bodies – the initial draft for that is what I’ve attached as a downloadable link above. Be aware that there might be grammar and spelling issues, as well as the occasional structural issue where I’ve moved something to another area but there are out-of-context references accidentally left behind… however most of my work on this section is now done, and my amazing editors are now picking it to pieces and helping polish my roughly hewn gem 😉 

I’m really proud to finally be able to share something substantial (all 44 pages of it) with you, and looking forward to sharing the draft of the Psych section before the end of the week too! We’re counting down the days now before the advertising starts and it all needs to be done – thanks again for all your amazing support, and some very exciting times ahead!


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