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The book drafts are coming think and fast now 😉 The psychology of exploring Mars has always been particularly fascinating to me, so I was especially excited to start editing this part of the book. As I’ve gotten into it more though I’ve realised that I’m not the same person that I was when I first wrote this, and in fact many of the aspects that I write most passionately about actually belong in the final “Soul” chapter of the book, covering how humanity will develop a global culture by being a dual-planet species, and the folks who are living on Mars will need to represent that best. 

What initially started as a 32 page chapter on space psychology has shrunk to just 20 pages, as I’ve moved many of the discussions on how thinking “this is much much bigger than me” from the mind/psychology chapter to the soul/cultural at the end of the book. You’ll also notice that this draft has far fewer pictures in it than the earlier “body” chapter did. That’s partly because there’s less fancy pictures to use when you’re talking about psychology than there is about physiology, but I’ve been focused on getting the text sorted instead of sourcing pictures, so don’t be surprised to see more images in the final published version of the book. 

I’m really excited to be moving into the final chapter of the book now – it’s been an absolute epic journey, but I’m feeling a genuine shift in my own outlook on life as I’m finally sharing something that I’ve poured so much time and effort into over the years. I’m taking a print out of the unedited final chapter with me to the Victorian countryside tomorrow when I head off in a camper van to a couple of school visits in Portland, so I’m looking forward taking the red pen to it before making my final edits and sending the whole book off to my three editors. 

Thanks again to all of you for your amazing support – I can’t wait to share the final draft chapter with you next week!

Till then,


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