Hey Patrons,

Apologies in advance if this post is a little weird or misspelled – I’m running on 1 hour of sleep after flying from Hawaii to Calgary, and I’m hanging out in a Starbucks until the firend I’m staying with finishes work at 5pm… which is about 2.5 hours away…

It still hasn’t fully sunk in that the book is now written. Like, it’s DONE. I finished it two days ago, but I haven’t really stopped in place long enough to actually process that it’s not waiting for me to hurry back and finish – it’s finished. Truth be told I think this weekend is going to manic enough that it still won’t sink in, but once I catch up on some sleep, answer a mountain of overdue emails Monday, start processing the changes submitted by my editors while I’m flying to LA on Tuesday, and then begin dropping the completed content into the printing template… then it’ll finally sink in that we’re in the final stages. 

This last section is easily the shortest of the three, but in many ways it’s a final answer on why anyone would sign up for a one-way mission to Mars. Truth be told I don’t think you can answer I question like that generally for everyone who’s signed up, so I’m already looking ahead to write my next book on the very personal experience I’ve had signing up to Mars One. I’ve tried to keep “Becoming Martian” fairly broad without getting too stuck on the specifics of Mars One, arguing generally that we should go to Mars to stay. But obviously if I’m writing about my personal experience with Mars One then that will be a different story… the same way that the “Becoming Martian” stage show was very broad, while my more recent “Cosmic Nomad” show was much more personal… excruciatingly too personal for some audience members. So I’m sure you can figure out what the next book is going to be called, and how much oversharing I’m planning to put in it 😉

I’m determined not to get ahead of myself, and there’s 2 other writing projects I’d like to sink my teeth into before attempting to write a book version of “Cosmic Nomad”, but I’m really glad to be in the final phases with “Becoming Martian” – it definitely feels like I had to step back into my mindset from 2014 to finish it, and it’s been less than pleasant thinking that way again. Thankfully that part is done, so I’m really looking forward to finalising the edits, sending “Becoming Martian” to print, and sending out copies to all of you wonderful people along with something lovely for all of you in the acknowledgements for all your incredible support.

More details to follow, but I definitely need to sleep – enjoy the draft for the 3rd and final section of “Becoming Martian”!

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