Diving is for me is all about experiencing new things, and often when that moves into the technical diving realm it also means testing out different equipment at the same time. Sometimes you find a new setup that works absolutely perfectly, sometimes you realise you had something nearly right before and you need to adjust it back… and occasionally you realise that something you wanted to try was a terrible idea that should never be done again. As it turned out my first dive in Ela Elap was one of those dives…

Ela Elap is owned by the local pub and it’s renowned for having an absolutely brutal thermocline 18 meters down – just as you approach the shallowest part of the sinkhole you’re suddenly slammed by an 8 degree water temperature change. Couple that with the eerie green water, the giant tree laying on it’s halfway down, and a murky bottom that drops away into the darkness well below our 40m depth limit, and it all makes Ela Elap one of the most unusual and slightly spooky dive sites in Mount Gambier. And I LOVED it!

What I didn’t love was the Paralenz’s 3rd person float cam trying to drown me the entire dive! I also have to be honest and say that much of what it captured was garbage too! I decided to try having it float behind me to try to capture more of the sinkhole than the POV mask cam could, but I knew I was taking a risk having a floating selfie stick poking out behind me, and sure enough it got caught the very first time I tried to swim through the branches of the tree. 

There’s some really nice shots here… but there’s also a lot of the camera staring into the pitch black nothingness! Safe to say I won’t be rushing to take the float cam down a sinkhole again anytime soon, but at least I gave it a go to find out 😉


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