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With all the recent book work I’ve been reviewing a lot of different things that have happened over the last few years, and one of the more interesting experiences is spontaneously re-experiencing particularly poignant memories of clarity and calm. 

It’s tough to describe, but there are fixed moments in time that over the last few weeks have really leaped to the front of my mind: 

– Marching through the total whiteout of the Icelandic highlands, trying to match GPS coordinates to a potential Mars analog site, then skinny dipping in an Arctic stream

– Sitting under a Bedouin tent in the Negev desert whispering secrets with an Israeli girl, watching the Perseid meteor shower through the night then climbing Masada at dawn 

– Eating breakfast in the restaurant carriage of the overnight train from Portland to San Francisco while telling an autistic 11-year old boy and his Mom about Mars One

– Walking through Kuala Lumpur airport to my departure gate, listening to Johnny Cash cover “Hurt” and knowing that reopening an emotional wound won’t remove the scar it left, it’ll only make it worse. 

And so many others from the last 2 years. Some hurt, others are profoundly blissful. All of them capture a complete immersion in that creative flow-state. Looking back it seems I was experiencing similar flashbacks 2 years ago when I was living in Melbourne and preparing for a huge leap into the unknown with the global Cosmic Nomad tour – there’s an amusing synchronicity that I would right now find myself writing the commentary for this journal entry back in Melbourne, yet so vastly further away emotionally than I was then. 

As always it’s easier to experience those moments of synchronicity, clarity and flow when you’re singularly focused: the startling silence of a walk in the snow, a sideways grin over a tea cup, a glimmer of eye-contact from a struggling young fan, a wounded song as you move with purpose. They happen when you’re not multi-tasking or distracted – when you’re living and breathing a singular experience. 

Right now I’m still juggling too much (a book being published in 6 weeks, and a round-the-world-trip in just 2) but it’s far less now than the turmoil I was experiencing when I wrote this journal entry in July 2015, and those flashes were still coming through then. It’s my hope that with more practice I’ll get better at working more on what I know deep down is important to me, to walk away from those who drag instead of lift me, to push myself in the ways I can to help the most people, and experience that flow state in every waking moment. 

Right now all I can do is work on what is in front of me today… and I guess ultimately that’s what being in the moment is all about 🙂

Day 10,917 – Tuesday 7/7/2015

It’s funny – with all the confusion, all the different pulls and pushes you’re feeling, there are occasional flashes of clarity that remind you of who and what you are. You have always loved diving into the unknown, trying new experiences, risking it all – it’s when you feel most alive! Clearing the decks and setting off on an adventure; looking forward to the next signpost while letting go of the past and being drawn into the moment. It’s the rush you get… no, no rush. It’s the sense of well being and joy you experience being in the flow state – streamlining yourself to move effortlessly & quickly through the universe, surfing the swells of this reality and it’s unfathomable energy.

Clear your decks, trim your sails, take a heading and go! If [Comedian Ex Girlfriend] wants to join you for all or some of the journey, fantastic – she is a driver for you, a catalyst for your own development and a true force for joy in this universe. But so are you, and while there are many things that you share, your ultimate goals are (very rightly) different. To paraphrase Antonie de Saint-Exupery, we look in similar but slightly different directions. For the last few months I’ve spent too much time looking at her instead of where I want to be going. I love her, and I love the direction she is headed, but it’s different from my own direction.

Ultimately you want to explore the universe and share the experience with others. Have adventures, then tell the stories that come out of them. You really want to be building and working in spaceships. Building a craft that will take you to unknown places, house you, and be self sufficient as you explore the universe. This new show is summarising where I’ve been the last 5 years, where I am now, and where I’m going to go – and running all of that in parallel with humanity’s own journey.

Fascinating having [Running Buddy] bring up synchronicity last night – it was an important reminder for me to watch for moments of timing and be grateful for the opportunities the universe presents. I have no idea how I will get there, but I know, where I want to go. Set your goal, and work away at it. Every. Fucking. Day.

Don’t worry about the how: you’ll create & be offered opportunities you can’t imagine right now. The things that resonate most strongly are the things you know you’re meant to work on – the swells that run below the more erratic & unpredictable seas.

Ask the big question, share your experiences trying to answer them, and always know you have more to give to more people. Always. Push your brain, create incredible things, and then give them away.

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