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Something familiar AND different this week – mask cam footage from One Tree sinkhole, but exploring from a different direction and two videos instead of one!

March 10 (with Matt):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcEfhT7-4kc
March 12 (with Curt):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPTYeJzuMEM 

One of the issues with being a Basic Cave diver in Mount Gambier is that you’re often a little limited on the sites you can visit – while there’s more than a dozen listed, many are no longer accessible or need to be booked several days in advance, or they’re just not particularly good sites. One Tree however is a gorgeous site that is managed by an elderly couple, and if they’re home you simply sign the entry book, pick up the key and go diving! 

So after Matt and I dived Ela Elap in the morning of March 10 (after booking ahead) we decided to follow it up with a second dive back at One Tree – exploring clockwise around the bottom of the sinkhole rather than anti-clockwise as we had on previous trips. As you’ll see for the mask cam we managed to find the rusted out car that’s down there, but didn’t get far enough around the bottom to reach the same spot we had previously swimming from the other direction.

At some point during the dive however Matt had lost one of his backup torches! He’d kept them in a pocket, but one had obviously come loose from it’s clip and dropped into the bottom without either of us noticing. That afternoon he also started to show signs of a cold and was also leaving the morning, so we put diving plans on hold for March 11th, and Curt and I returned to One Tree on March 12th to trace back over the dive I’d done with Matt to find the torch.

Unfortunately the torch didn’t show up for a couple of reasons – Curt isn’t qualified for decompression diving, so we were farily limited on how long we could stay down. But the main reason was because someone else had found the torch the day before (when we were taking a break) and had returned it to the dive shop after Curt and I left for the dive site! Either way it was good the torch was recovered AND I got to do two wonderful dives at an extraordinary site, exploring a new part of the sinkhole and getting a better feel for the whole place generally.

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