So I thought I’d share a little of what is going on here at the moment, because it’s driving me a little nuts waiting to hear back on some amazing opportunities for 2017 as even MORE amazing opportunities pop up to complicate things even further!

Some of you might have seen some press in the last day or so saying I’ll be speaking at the WOMADelaide festival in March alongside the commander of NASA’s recent 12-month Hi-SEAS mission, Carmel Johnston. It’s been  a few months in the planning, and I’m incredibly excited about the extraordinary opportunity to speak at the Planet Talks with some absolutely incredibly people… but I haven’t promoted it heavily yet. I’ve got an interview about it with ABC radio in a little over an hour, and I’m kind of reluctant to do it (even though I know the interviewer and know it will be great).

There’s a problem you see. You know how I said Carmel was the commander of the last Hi-SEAS mission? Well I’m currently waiting to hear if I’ve been picked to be on the next mission! I applied right before the deadline in early September, and wasn’t that enthusiastic about it – it’s a great opportunity, but because I was mission support for the mission before Carmel’s so I figured they’d probably throw my application out immediately for knowing how a lot of the place works.

… but they didn’t. And then I was asked to do more testing. Then they tried to contact my references, but ran into issues with getting through to them… and I was invited to the final interview phase anyway! I know there were only 20-25 candidates left when they did the final interview, and I know another candidate is also still waiting to hear if they’ve been selected.

So there is a very real chance I could be living in a white dome in Hawaii for 8 months next year simulating living on Mars! 

I’ve been holding off on everything until I know if I’ve been selected or not, but unfortunately life hasn’t been holding off at the same time. I originally pushed back the launch of this website by weeks because I thought I’d know in early October and could announce the news with the launch, but with continued radio silence I’ve had to get on with things. Same goes with jobs – there are a heap of really amazing opportunities starting next year, and if I’ve learnt anything from applying to Mars One and having to contend with delay after delay from them, it’s that you have to keep taking the other opportunities in the meantime and only cancel them when you REALLY have to – when things are 100% locked in. 

So with that in mind I’ve been accepting more speaking gigs (spoke at a school on Tuesday, and two corporate events next week). I also applied for a role as the Senior Exhibitions Manager for the University of South Australia’s new “SciCEd” facility (an interactive science, technology and arts exhibition space opening in Adelaide in early 2018), and I’ve got an interview with them next week. It would be good, but as I’m learning more about the job I’m starting to wonder if I’d be the right fit for them. Whatever happens, it’s another opportunity coming my way.

At the same time, I’ve JUST submitted an application for a job as the “Science and Innovation Activist” at Questacon, which I am WAY more excited about! It would be an absolutely extraordinary job which would utilise all my science communication skills to their fullest, so if I don’t spend most of next year in Hawaii I’m hoping I’ll be heading to Canberra instead.

Oh and to top it all off, there’s a casual role TAKING AUSSIE KIDS TO SPACE CAMP! There’s a science education organisation looking for Tour Group Managers to take school groups to Space Camp  in Alabama in the holidays, and as much as children scare the hell out of me I’m sure I could manage taking them to space camp for 2 weeks at a time *famous last words*

And even if NONE of this stuff happens I’ve still got extraordinary speaking and writing opportunities coming up, so I can’t lose! Exciting times ahead in 2017, I can’t wait to see what happens next 😀

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