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I tend not to talk about religion too much, mostly because I’ve had a lot of different experiences that make having a quick and easy discussion about it very difficult. It’s also not something I think anyone SHOULD have a quick and easy discussion about. 

Maybe I’ll write more about it at a later date with a solid look at how I see different religions as just a cultural filter for viewing the universe and comprehending our role in it… but for now I wanted to share a little something I just sent to God. And I don’t mean I wrote a prayer and tucked it under my pillow or something either – I mean I sent a literal Facebook message to God

I’ve been following God’s Facebook page  for awhile now, and he’s a cool dude that works as a comedian too. The page is a nice mix pointing out both human stupidity & kindness featuring everything from Cheeto Hitler falsely claiming he wiretapped himself, videos of orphan baby kangaroos being hand-reared , and genuinely amusing explanations for some of the shitty aspects of this reality he/she/it’s supposed to be responsible for. God is on Twitter as “The Good God Above”  which is well worth a look too

For the most part I just quietly giggle at the stuff Facebook/Twitter God shares, but this morning I saw a post on God’s Facebook that suddenly made me pause. The last few months have been equally incredible and manic, and while I’m usually pretty good at recognising just how incredibly lucky I am to live the life I do, in the last 24 hours I’d been losing sight of that because of some looming professional, financial and personal challenges I’ve been facing the last few days that I’ll have to contend with this coming week.

When things don’t go to plan or folks seem to turn on you, it’s so easy to start down a spiral and lose sight of the incredible things you do and the inspiring life you live. That for every person who might seek to block you, there are a hundred silently cheering you on, that admire what you do, that wish they had the courage to stand up like you do.

And strangely enough, having God post “Look around the room you’re in. What’s one thing you’re grateful for?” on Facebook was the kick in the head I needed today to remind myself just how absurdly lucky I am to still be alive at all, and doubly-so to be doing what I’m now doing… so I wrote back to say thanks, and wanted to share it with you.

Enjoy, and I’ll let you know if I get a reply 🙂


Hey God,

Just wanted to say a huge thanks for all you do, but especially for posing a really simple question about what I’m grateful for in this room. I feel like I give a lot without having as much as most others, and it can be really easy to get sucked into thinking I’m an idiot for living the way that I do. This morning I needed a reminder of what is ACTUALLY important, and you unexpectedly provided that. I needed a reminder that maybe I AM an idiot, but I’m okay with that – I’d rather be a happy idiot now who knows he gives too much trying to inspire and spread joy to others, than a miserable idiot who’s scared of losing stuff we can’t take with us when we die anyway. Thank you for reminding me with that simple question that we will all die, and all that matters is what I’m doing here and now while appreciating the extraordinary things that surround us every day. 

Thank you too for never apologising to the folks who think THEY know what “God” should be or say, while screaming about immigants and missing the whole “Love thy neighbor” part of the bible too. We’re all together on this planet, and the quicker we realise “human” is the only label that even remotely matters the quicker we’ll stop trying to fuck each other over, and finally start exploring this extraordinary universe as a species. 

Thank you for using satire to remind all of us to be better to each other and to this planet. I know it gets overwhelming seeing humanity’s stupidity on a daily basis – I just hope you see like I do that even when we keep making the same mistakes, overall things are always ALWAYS getting better. Individuals, even groups of individuals, might seem selfish and stupid and cruel… but for every vile act there’s a 1000 silent acts of love going on in the background unnoticed. I choose to be grateful for those.

Please don’t ever stop what you’re doing – it means so much to so many people, even if we don’t always say it out loud. I’m really grateful I saw your post today, and will continue to quietly celebrate your work every day by being kinder to every one I meet.

All the Best,
A Grateful Athiest That Loves The Good Lord Above

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