Hey Patrons,

Some of you may have seen that I’ve just opened Becoming Martian up for pre-orders ahead of it being published on August 12th. I’d really appreciate all of you encouraging your friends and family to pre-order the book, but please DO NOT PRE-ORDER A COPY YOURSELF! 

To say thanks for the extraordinary support all of you have provided in the publishing of this book, I’ve decided to make advanced digital copies of Becoming Martian available to all of you right now!

Simply click the attached files below to download a copy in either EPUB (standard e-reader format) or as a PDF. You’re free to read these files on any device without any restriction, but I’d obviously ask you not to share the files beyond your own personal use – buy a copy for a friend instead!

I’m also incredibly excited to share that the first print copies of Becoming Martian are already on their way to me now! I should have a copies in my hands by Thursday, and I’ll be immediately signing them and shipping them out to all of you.

Keep your eyes peeled for the details on book launches in Perth (August 15) and Sydney (August 19) early next week, and I’m looking forward to promoting the hell out of this book now that it’s finally being published!

As always, a huge thank you for all of your incredible support, and I hope you love reading Becoming Martian!



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