Josh is an experienced professional speaker available for corporate keynotes, public science events and school visits after an extensive career in stand-up comedy.

Corporate Keynotes

An in-demand professional speaker, Josh’s storytelling makes for compelling & entertaining corporate keynote presentations that leave audiences with plenty to think about. With a decade of experience on stage speaking to organisations such as Kmart, ASX, Chevon, and the Australian-American Leadership Dialogue to name a few, he can easily tailor his message to perfectly suit the language of your organisation or event.

As a respected and highly adaptable leader of creative and technical teams, with experience ranging from military combat units to fine art installation, Josh also regularly runs team-building workshops focusing on leadership & small-group dynamics for high-performance teams in the space industry and other sectors.

If you’re interested in booking Josh for your corporate keynote or team-building event, please get in touch!

School Visits

As a committed ambassador for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) education, Josh has been actively using his position as a Mars One candidate to visit schools all over the world since 2013. Covering the full gambit of challenges facing a one-way mission to Mars – from the complexities of space engineering, growing food on Mars, to personal ethical discussions – no student question is off-limits during Josh’s school incursions.

Josh is also a regular speaker for the Halogen foundation – speaking at primary and secondary student events about leadership, personal values and integrity with audiences of over 3,500 students. Born in a country without a space agency, his drive to speak to students comes from a deep-seated desire to create a future where no parent ever needs to tell their child they can’t explore space because of what part of Earth they were born on.

If you’re interested in booking Josh to speak at your school or student event, please get in touch!

Public Science Events

Fired by a strong passion for the technical & psychological elements of human space exploration, Josh brings a natural talent for explaining complicated science in a “down to Earth” manner to any science communication event. With significant experience presenting science through live performance, broadcast radio, television, online media and print; he also regularly teaches fellow scientists and engineers how to share their work and research more effectively through storytelling techniques & media training.

A regular feature at Australia’s National Science Week, Josh’s science communication events inspire people of all ages to engage with science and discover the sky is not the limit. If you’re interested in booking Josh for your next science communication event, please get in touch!

Stand-Up Comedy

Writing and performing comedy for nearly a decade, Josh has shared the stage with the likes of Rove McManus and Wil Anderson across the globe; from the Perth International Comedy Festival to Los Angeles, 4 consecutive years at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and 3 consecutive years at Australia’s National Science Week. With five different solo shows that include everything from space exploration to the science of Doomsday to a psychopathic ukulele-playing koala; he uses comedy to entertain, engage and educate audiences everywhere to critic acclaim.

Cosmic Nomad (2016)

cosmic-nomad-fullComedian, astronaut candidate and general troublemaker Josh Richards knows his days on Earth are numbered: short-listed from over 200,000 applicants for the first human mission to Mars in 2026, and launching without any hope of ever returning, it’s increasingly likely he’ll die on the red planet. So if YOU were leaving the planet in 10 years time, what would you do before you left?

“Richards is a natural raconteur” “intensely entertaining and a geek’s dream” – Broadway World
“Josh’s style is casual larrikin with hints of nerd” – The Plus Ones
“genuine insight and some inspired gags.” – The Clothesline
“Richards is a charming bad boy, an adrenalin junkie with a Russell Brand-style delivery” – City Beat

Performed at Adelaide Fringe Festival 2016, Cosmic Nomad Australian Tour 2016 (Including World Science Festival Brisbane, Melbourne, Launceston, Ulverstone, Hobart, and Perth), Cincinnati Fringe Festival 2016, International Space University SSP16 (Haifa, Israel), and World Space Week 2016 (Cork, Ireland)
Video: Perth 2016 performance of “Cosmic Nomad” [Full Show]

Becoming Martian (2014)

bm-croppedJoin Australian physicist, comedian & astronaut candidate Josh Richards on an humorous and informative journey to the red planet, blending science, engineering and ethics with comedy as he shares at how colonising Mars will change humans in body, mind and soul.

Performed at National Science Week 2014 (Perth), and CultureTECH Festival 2014 (Londonderry, UK).
Video: NatSciWk 2014 performance of “Becoming Martian” [Full Show]

Mars Needs Guitars! (2013)

mngComedian, physicist and former soldier Josh Richards is determined to become the first man on Mars, but he needs a team of three equally determined souls to come with him… and ROCK! With his distinctively warped comedic style, Josh invites you to join him on the greatest adventure of all time – the human colonisation of Mars – in a show that blends science, comedy and rock music with a dash of Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton. Want to take a ride?

Performed at National Science Week 2013 (Including Melbourne & Perth)
Video: NatSciWk 2013 performance of “Mars Needs Guitars!” [Full Show]

Keith Looks Back In Anger (2012)

keith-close-upAfter years as one of the Australian Army’s finest combat koalas, Keith didn’t adjust to civilian life easily. Between finding a new job, moving to the UK, and dealing with the daily prejudice of being a man-sized talking koala, the pressure of life outside the military started to become too much. Join Keith the Anger Management Koala on this open and honest story about a misunderstood marsupial, who after years of unchecked aggression learnt that when you hurt others, you’re really only hurting yourself… and others.

“reminiscent of a young, skinny Jack Black” “hilarious and terrifying” 5 Stars – Cream of the Fringe UK

Performed at Artournament UK 2012 (Gloucester, UK), US West Coast Tour 2012, and Edinburgh Fringe 2012
Video: Keith The Anger Management Koala – Mars One Application [Clip]

Apocalypse Meow (2011)

apocalypse-meow-poster-no-quoteJosh Richards takes on judgement day in “Apocalypse Meow” – a solo show about life, love and extinction level events. Expect Mayans, possessed ex-girlfriends, the Very Hungry Caterpillar, and possibly the creepiest baboon puppet to ever appear on stage. Doomsday shouldn’t be this much fun.

Performed at  Edinburgh Fringe 2011, UK Tour 2012 (Including Stroud, Gloucester and London), and Perth International Comedy Festival 2012.
Video: PICF2012 performance of “Apocalypse Meow” [Full Show]